Security and Compliance 101: What You Need to Know

Data is everywhere. Everyday consumers entrust their personally identifiable information and account numbers to online service providers and retailers around the world. This practice enables companies to deliver a new level of convenience to customers which drives a company’s operational efficiency and profits. However, holding a consumer’s most personal and private information also requires a new level of data security.

P97 is very aware of the importance of data security and protecting our clients is our first priority. We have created a Security and Compliance 101 webinar to share the basics your company needs to know about data security and fraud protection.

This video teaches success strategies for companies who collect and store customer data, how to stop, report, and recover from a security breach should one occur, and provides questions you should be asking your mobile app provider to ensure they are practicing the best data protections. You will also have access to our free interactive security checklist to make sure you’re exercising every security precaution. Click the link below to begin your journey in security and compliance.

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