How to Use Push Notifications to Drive Business

Think about all the various messages you receive in a day. Some are verbal, some are in your inbox, some are written and others are on your phone. Which ones do you give your attention to? Most likely, it’s those that come straight to the forefront of the messaging clutter. Americans now spend more than 3.5 […]

The Time for Mobile is Now

Let this sink in: this year, mobile will finally surpass TV as the medium attracting the most viewer minutes in the U.S. That means smartphone users are now spending more than three hours and 35 minutes per day on their mobile device. That number will only increase as more media, shopping, social interaction and other aspects of […]

Mobile Offers Continue to Increase Sales in the Convenience Industry

The retail industry is at a crossroads. With more consumers opting for a wider selection of products online, brick and mortar stores are increasingly being seen as quick, on-the-spot locations that serve immediate needs. More convenient still are the c-stores on every corner and at the pump that provide consumers with fast access to the products they […]

3 Steps to a Successful Mobile Commerce Program

New age smartphone capabilities allow consumers to remain constantly connected and are the driving force behind the cliché, “there’s an app for that.” Online retailers and service providers across the globe are adopting these capabilities to revolutionize the consumer experience with the inception of mobile payments. Speed, simplicity, and convenience are just a few reasons […]

How Mobile App Providers Can Use the PetroZone API to Build Custom Integrations

PETROZONE API PARTNER INTEGRATIONS PetroZone is revolutionizing the retail fuels industry with an API platform designed to connect leading oil companies and convenience stores with existing apps, mobile payment solutions, loyalty programs, digital marketing services, and point of sale systems to provide the optimal consumer experience. PETROZONE API FOR MOBILE APP PROVIDERS  P97 provides the […]

Mobile Commerce for Retail Fueling: Transforming the Way Consumers Pay for Gas

Mobile commerce is transforming the way consumers pay for gas by bridging the gap between what consumers want and what fuel retailers can provide. By enabling customers to locate and pay for fuel directly from their phones, tablets, and cars, mobile commerce is adding a new level of convenience to the chore of getting gas. […]

The Future of Mobile Ordering is Here

Convenience stores seem to be defying odds when it comes to retail trends. While big box retailers have seen a significant decline in revenue over the past 10 years, convenience stores have stood their ground. In fact, they’re thriving amidst the retail downturn. The number of convenience stores in the U.S. increased to a record […]

How to Future-Proof Your Business Through Mobile Commerce

It seems every aspect of our lives now has a mobile component. You can get a ride, a hotel room, clothes, or even fresh produce from your phone. You can pay bills on-the-go or even buy gas at the pump.  But smartphones and apps aren’t a new concept. What’s new is the speed at which […]

In the Digital Wallet Revolution, Will Merchants Answer the Call of Duty?

To consumers searching for ways to make commerce faster, safer, and more convenient, the benefits of using a digital wallet seem to be undisputed. Encrypted, tokenized transactions keep card data secure. Replacing physical wallets, cards, and cash with an invisible payment makes commerce easier than ever. Instant access to discounts, digital offers, and a customized […]

NCR Launches Indoor and Outdoor Mobile Payment Solution

DULUTH, Ga. – October 18,2017 – NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), a global leader in omni-channel solutions, has unveiled its new NCR Mobile Payments solution at the NACS Show, the leading convenience and fuel retailing event held in Chicago from October 17 to 20. The cloud-based solution enables fast mobile transactions for a variety of mobile wallets and card schemes, […]