P97 Ranked Number 20 On Houston Business Journal 2023 FAST 50 list

Houston, TX, September 2023 – This year marks a significant achievement for P97 Networks, a leading provider of cloud-based mobility services platform. P97 has been honored with the 20th spot on the Houston Business Journal’s (HBJ) Fast 50 List, underscoring the company’s impressive revenue growth and robust performance amidst a competitive business landscape.

Celebrating Houston’s Fastest-Growing Companies

Every year, HBJ commemorates the exceptional growth and success of private companies rooted in the business hub of Houston. This year, the prestigious Fast 100 List was reimagined as the Fast 50, making the competition more fierce and the recognition more significant. P97 Networks stands tall among 50 of Houston’s most prosperous and innovative companies.

Rigorous Qualifying Criteria Highlight P97’s Achievement

The companies on the Fast 50 List are ranked based on their revenue growth between the fiscal year 2020 and 2022. The stringent qualifications require companies to report a minimum of $5 million in revenue for the most recent completed fiscal year, marking an increase from the previous $1 million benchmark. This year’s elevated criteria emphasize P97’s financial performance and stability.

P97 Networks proudly fulfills these qualifications, showcasing not only its substantial revenue growth but also its commitment to excellence and innovation in its field. The company’s placement on this list is a testament to its dedication to providing top-notch mobile commerce, digital marketing, and consumer engagement solutions.

P97 Networks: At the Forefront of Mobile Commerce and Digital Marketing

As a renowned industry player, P97 Networks is dedicated to enhancing mobile commerce and consumer engagement for convenience retail, utilities, energy companies, and auto OEMs. With 65,000 retail and fuels marketing sites globally relying on its connected commerce platform, P97 is making a substantial impact. The platform supports over 240,000 EV chargers, ensuring seamless mobile payment acceptance for 137 million daily commuters worldwide.

Moving Forward with Momentum

The Fast 50 recognition is a significant milestone for P97 Networks, illuminating the company’s growth trajectory and reinforcing its position as a trusted and innovative industry leader. This achievement is not just a reflection of P97’s past successes but also a promising indicator of future accomplishments and continued growth.

As P97 Networks continues to flourish, it remains committed to delivering value and innovative solutions to its customers, thereby contributing meaningfully to the evolving landscape of mobile commerce and digital engagement.

To learn more about P97 Networks and its extensive offerings, visit www.p97.com.