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Mobile Payments

The Mobile Payment Processing Application enables easy, fast, and secure mobile payments through a cloud-based platform. The PetroZone® white label mobile app streamlines mobile payments and geolocation services for a frictionless consumer experience.

P97’s platform makes payments from smartphones fast, safe, and secure, without the need to install costly hardware at store. Our platform is 100% payment agnostic with an “always on” network support operations. 

Our platform is fully tokenized, PCI
compliant and offers:

Reduced risk of identity theft and fraud

Flexibility of integration with existing loyalty programs and payment systems

POS and payment system agnostic for unlimited integration options

High availability

Lower operating costs

Discover how mobile commerce is transforming the way consumers pay for gas

Our Ecosystems

Our powerful customizable application enables mobile payments at the pump and in-store, delivering our extensive suite of solutions directly to the consumer.

Partner Integrations

P97 relies on only the most secure platforms from leading technology providers. Supported mobile operating systems include iOS and Android.

Payment & Loyalty Integrations

PetroZone has partnerships with leading ACH providers, mobile wallets, and cloud-based payment systems

POS + Site System Integrations

PetroZone fully integrates with stations and point of sale systems to enable new functionality with no hassle.

Certification Types

PCI Certified
SOC 2 Certified
OAuth 2.0 Secure
Level 1 RoC
Type I and II Full Service

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