Consumer Engagement
P97’s Digital Marketing Platform provides modules to engage your customers and
facilitate a stronger connection through CPGs and convenience retailers.

Consumer Engagement

Create a new generation of brand loyalists with contextual commerce to deliver personalized digital offers through the PetroZone® mobile app. Easily manage app content like station details, promotions, and monitor business analytics with the PetroZone® dashboard.

Today's Consumer

To capture the attention of today’s consumer, you’ve got to cut through the noise of competing offers that motivate them to take action and make purchases. How you succeed is connecting in real-time, by talking to your consumers at the right place at the right time with targeted offers.

Activity Based Personalization

Target the right customers with dynamic profiles that grow and change with each interaction.

Timely Targeted Messaging

Deliver real-time messaging to engage and build relationships across all channels.

Flexible Offer Distribution

Increase basket size and engage customers with either branded offers or your own offers.


P97 Digital Marketing Ecosystem

P97’s Digital Marketing Platform provides modules to engage your customers and
facilitate stronger connection through CPGs and convenience retailers.

Digital Offers

Smart digital offers that make engagement truly personal through the use of aggregated demographic and behavioral data.

Cross Channel Messaging

Send real-time and personalized notifications via SMS, Email, and Push Notifications on any channel in your marketing stack – from mobile to social media to email and IoT devices.

Digital Offer Network

Leverage P97 progressive profiles to build engagement through partnerships with some of the world’s biggest brands.

Vertical Integration

Build strong relationships with your audience in fueling, parking, car wash, QSR or other integrated verticals.

Ready to create and grow measurable, scalable, and predictable revenue streams using our mobile commerce and digital marketing capabilities?

Digital Offers Made Simple

Flexible Redemption LimitsSet the appropriate redemption limits for your offer.
Flexible Offer SchedulingSet the schedule and visibility rules for your offer.
Advanced SegmentationSelect users based on custom properties, store groups or unique behaviors and tags.
Event & Behavioral TriggeringTrigger distribution based on consumer behavior, events and purchase history.
Fraud & Security FocusedHave peace of mind with your offer security. P97 helps mitigate fraudulent use.
Content ManagementManage the assets and content associated with each offer.

Real-time Communication Made Easy

Show your customers how valuable they are and create brand loyalty by sending hyper-relevant messages,
creating more opportunities to connect with your brand more deeply, more often and on more channels.

Mobile OffersDisplay offers in iOS and Android apps in real-time.
In-App MessagingDisplay real-time messaging to users who are actively using the app.
Message CenterUse the in-app inbox to send users email-like messages.
Open ChannelSend messages to Facebook chat, Slack or other open compliant client.
SMSSend native messages to users on their device using text messaging.
PushUse native push notifications to send real-time interactive messages.
InterstitialsSend messages to different areas of the application using in-app pop-ups.
EmailSmart links to navigate users back to the app quickly.