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P97 is dedicated to providing innovative digital experiences for everyone.

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The P97 platform is extremely flexible and allows us to easily work with your existing technology without any limitations.

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Our powerful and secure platform, high operational performance, 24/7 support, and enablement programs will ensure your program is successful.
About us

Our Journey Began in 2012…

Pay-at-the-pump transformed the fueling experience by eliminating the need to enter the convenience store. While this added a level of convenience for customers, convenience stores began to suffer hard losses. We saw an opportunity to develop a platform that would engage customers and bridge the gap between gas stations and convenience stores.      

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Our Leadership Team

P97 is comprised of industry experts, top-of-the-line engineers, marketing gurus, and a world-class customer success team.

The Leaders Behind P97

Don Frieden

President, CEO, & Chairman

Bryan Olivier

Chief Operating Officer

Dae Kim

Chief Strategy Officer

Paul Cwalina

Senior Vice President, Sales

David Nichamoff

SVP, Innovation & Platforms

Saurabh Choudhary

VP, Engineering

Sharon Brown

VP, Finance & Corporate Secretary

Kevin Halloran

General Counsel

Steve Moses

VP, Compliance

Brad Jones

Managing Director, Asia Pacific

Nick Allen

Managing Director, EMEA