Create direct to consumer relationships

Deliver targeted product offers to mobile consumers at over 23,000 locations

Bringing together retailers and CPGs to maximize sales and store traffic

Create direct to consumer

Establish brand preference with data-driven offer targeting across millions of mobile consumers.

Increase sales

Incentivize consumer purchases by delivering well-timed, personalized digital offers directly to their phone.

Automate omni-channel offer management

Leverage automated offer creation, delivery, redemption, payment, settlement, and analytics

CPG Opportunity: 4 Reasons CPGs Should Pursue The C-Store Market

Reach millions of consumers in their prime buying years utilizing omni-channel communication

Build offers based on access to purchase history, consumer behavior and preferences, location data, and more

Test market offers for optimal redemption rates

Provide meaningful offers based on targeting data including past purchases

Deliver offers when consumers are most likely to purchase

Remove friction from the redemption and payment processes

C-Stores & CPGs

Once upon a time – in a consumer culture far different from today’s – people came, saw in-store signage and made purchases based on in-person experiences. Those days are long gone. Yet in an era in which brick-and-mortar retail closures remain rampant and brands struggle to stay relevant, there is a beacon of tremendous opportunity. The key lies in digital marketing.