Metrics That Matter

Our technology gives you insightful information about your customers’ activity, mobile analytics, and platform growth. We provide data that helps you improve performance, diagnose problems, and capitalize on successful features.

User Journey & Retention

Track your users’ activity and buying behavior from the moment they sign up. Learn how many users have completed a transaction, how many have been active in the last 30 days, and how to re-engage inactive customers. Use this data to increase user engagement through offers and omni-channel messaging campaigns tailored to each user group.
User Journey & Retention
Mobile Analytics

Mobile Analytics

Get an overview of your app’s success by tracking the number of daily downloads since your app launched and the amount of time spent in your app. You can even see which screens are being accessed the most and how much your users’ engagement has increased since the last update.
Track User Downloads By Platform

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Platform Growth

Find out how fast your platform is growing by tracking key performance indicators over time. Drive user retention and revenue growth with offers, discounts, and promotions. Learn what the average cart size per transaction is and what day of the week you should launch an offer to drive sales.

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