Convenience Retail

In today’s connected world, shoppers expect a seamless and convenient experience when they are purchasing goods and services. Unified commerce, or connected commerce, is the technology that enables this type of customer experience by connecting all components of the business, from the customer database and inventory control to payment, returns, promotions, loyalty, and personalization.

Offering connected commerce solutions can give retailers a competitive edge by providing shoppers with the convenience they crave. By integrating digital payments & loyalty into their operations, retailers can offer a more streamlined and efficient shopping experience that will keep customers coming back. In addition, connected commerce solutions can provide retailers with valuable data about their customers’ preferences and behavior, which can be used to improve marketing and promotional strategies.

  • P97 has developed interfaces to all major loyalty programs in the fuel/convenience space.
  • Rather than presenting a physical loyalty card at the POS, consumers simply scan the app’s payment QR code to automatically earn/redeem loyalty rewards.
  • Our fully integrated app UI allows users to join/view/manage their loyalty accounts, eliminates checkout friction, and increases loyalty program engagement.

Connected commerce is the future of retail, and by incorporating it into your business you can stay ahead of the competition. If you’re looking to connect your commerce and offer your customers a better shopping experience, contact us today. We can help you achieve connected commerce success.

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