Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs)

P97’s Digital Offer Network is a digital marketing platform that connects retailers with Consumer-Packaged Goods companies via offers and advertising in the mobile app creating a network designed to:

  • Drive people from the forecourt into the c-store with compelling offers
  • Increase sales for your brand
  • Influence consumer behavior
  • Provide basket and purchase data over time
  • Grab the attention of a hard-to-reach early adopters whose basket ring is 2x greater than the average customer
  • Provide measurable campaign results

With our network, CPGs can display communications for products in a variety of platforms (SMS, push notifications, email, full page app takeovers, promo code delivery, etc…). The offers can easily be redeemed by paying in-store using a QR code.

  • P97 provides settlement services to  reimburse retailers for all discounted products keeping store margins intact.
  • This program drives value for Consumer-Packaged Goods companies , P97 retailers, and end consumers.

Overall, Connected Commerce is a key part of building brand loyalty for CPG brands. By offering a more convenient and efficient shopping experience, CPG brands can make it easy for consumers to buy their products. In addition, digital payments can help CPG brands better understand their customers and offer tailored product offerings over time.

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