Connected Commerce

What is a connected commerce company?

Until recently, digital transactions were designed with one goal in mind: to trigger consumer satisfaction through a single, safe payment solution.

However, in today’s complex shopping ecosystem, consumers expect more connected, integrated commerce experiences that are consistently personalized — and rewarding. The challenge is that many fuel, EV, retail, auto OEM and CPG customers still lack the required connected commerce technology that can deliver a unified customer transaction experience. If they don’t make moves toward building more connected experiences, they risk losing their shoppers to other brands that offer greater convenience and satisfaction through connected devices — and have little hope of catching up.

Customers come to P97 because we are a connected commerce company that makes it possible to deliver trusted, rewarding transactional experiences for shoppers. We’re an end-to-end solutions partner offering customers the technology infrastructure and an expert solutions team to integrate value-driven connectivity into any energy, retailer, auto OEM, and CPG company.

The result: our customers are empowered to make their shoppers’ experiences less dull, and more delightful. Frictionless, but impactful.

We help drive more engagement and value across every transaction!

Connected Commerce Product Portfolio

All products are modular so they can operate as a standalone or as part of a suite of products working together to deliver greater results. Products include:

Let’s make it happen

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level with digital technology, P97 Networks can help you make it happen.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you digitally transform your business.

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