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The click and collect system is a great way to shop for goods. It allows customers to order products online and then pick them up in person at a physical store. There are many benefits to click and collect, including the fact that it is convenient and easy to use.

Customers value their own time, and the P97 Click & Collect solution is built around this core principle. We put your stores inventory into the hands of your customers and our technology allows your customer to order their grocery items via a mobile device with contactless payments.

The solution is simple; the customer places their order remotely, the retail store receives that order and picks the items from across the store. The customer then arrives at the retail outlet and the shopping cart is ready for when the customer arrives. The customer is then only charged when the items have been collected.


Freedom to browse

Great customer experience is about empowering the customer. The P97 Order Ahead solution enables the customer to browse your store in their own environment and at their own speed. From 2015 to 2018, the percentage of diners who ordered food from smartphones or mobile apps more than tripled—from 11 to 39 percent (QSR, 2019). This figure has continued to rocket because of Covid-19. Research from Forester during 2020 identified that online food transactions from restaurants increased by 134%, and online orders from food chains jumped 225%.

Streamline operations

Customers can now be at home or on the go and place an order with your retail store. The outcome means that mobile ordering & contactless payments helps eliminates lines, wait-times, and delays in order processing. The data collected from the consumer behavior can then act as a critical feedback loop to the business to identify how an individual retail store is performing. The enablement & the data then makes it easier to increase the volume of transactions but without overwhelming the retail store during peak points of footfall.

Up-sell / Cross-sell

By monitoring user activity over time, through data, a brand can understand what are the upsell and cross-sell opportunities based on the historical behaviours of the individual consumer. A simple push notification that is relevant is all it takes to potentially increase the value of basket spend. Within the store - the pickup counter is an additional opportunity to cross sell further.

Nudge the customer

The upside of offering order ahead capabilities via a branded app is that it allows a brand to remain connected to their customers. With the support of the P97 Consumer Engagement platform - a brand can notify customers of special offers/promotion through push notifications, sms and email to nudge them towards a particular outcome.


The digitization of the ordering process, taking an offline world into the online world, means that everything immediately become measurable including customer behaviors over time. This consumer data becomes critical for optimizing the business going forward. An example would be: 'how has the consumers basket spend changed over time?'

Custom vs. White labelled app

P97 offers both custom & white labelled solutions.

Security & Compliance

P97's platform is 100% PCI compliant and fully tokenized, making mobile payments fast, secure, and reliable.

Reconciliation Reports

Reconciliation reports can be used to identify any discrepancies in payments made to vendors or suppliers.

Pre-existing network

By working with P97 you can be confident that your payments infrastructure is always up to date and able to meet the needs of your business.

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