Automotive OEMs

As automotive OEMs look to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace, many are turning to connected commerce and mobility services to stand out. Connected commerce allows automotive OEMs to provide their customers with a seamless and convenient way to shop for and purchase products and services while on the go.

OEMs that have successfully implemented connected commerce platforms have been able to provide their customers with a more convenient and efficient shopping experience, while also generating new revenue streams. Automotive OEMs that are looking to get into the connected commerce space should partner with a company that has extensive experience in developing and deploying such platforms.

  • Automotive OEMs looking to deploy a connected commerce platform should consider the following factors:
  • Ease of use: The platform should be easy for customers to use and navigate.
  • Security: The platform must be secure, as it will be handling sensitive customer information.
  • Scalability: The platform must be able to scale to meet the needs of the automotive OEM’s customer base.
  • Integration: The platform must be able to integrate with the automotive OEM’s existing systems and applications.

P97 has a proven track record in developing and deploying solutions enabling drivers to experience the next generation connected commerce .

  • P97’s technology enables drivers of select auto brands to seamlessly initiate Fueling, EV and Parking purchases from the car’s infotainment screen
  • Amazon Alexa and other voice assistants can further reduce friction and promote vehicle safety
  • Auto OEMs enhance driver experiences by elegantly integrating navigation, vehicle sensors (such as fuel level), and connected commerce

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