P97 Report: Study Shows Shell Brand Affinity

Shell Wins Brand Affinity

A recent study of more than 10,000 U.S. consumers, highlighting the competition among convenience store and gas station operators, showed an affinity towards stopping at Shell more often than other locations.

In the study, consumers were polled about their fuel and c-store purchasing habits including customer experience, awareness, brand engagement, and brand preference. All respondents provided detailed feedback on tech usage and store amenities, revealing the which customer experience attributes separated the top brands from the rest. The data was then averaged to evaluate each brand on an aggregation of overall experience and likelihood to recommend creating the CLI.

According to Market Force data, the most notable key finding from this study is that convenience and gas retailers are struggling as grocery and big box retailers take the largest share of the market at nearly one in three fueling dollars.

In light of this in-depth study, Market Force Information found that Shell receives the most fueling visits, reflective of their large market share. However, Kwik Trip Inc., Quik Trip Corp. and Wawa Inc. are “fiercely competing” for the lead with almost identical Composite Loyalty Index (CLI) scores.

To read more about the study findings, read the original article here.

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