P97 Report: Gas Station Apps On The Rise

1 in 4 Consumers Using C-Store/Gas Stations Apps

A recent study done by Market Force of more than 10,000 U.S. consumers, highlighting an affinity towards stopping at Shell more often than other locations, also showed compelling data towards c-store/gas station apps. As we continue to live in an era of experiences, consumers expect technology to reduce friction in all areas of their life. In the case of fueling and making in-store purchases at gas stations, this seems to be the truth.

In the study performed by Market Force data, it was revealed that more than one in four consumers surveyed now use c-store/gas stations apps with adoption rapidly growing among the 25-34 age group. It appears retailer branded apps have outpaced industry targeted apps like GasBuddy, now taking second place to retailers, followed by Waze and Google Maps.

The following features ranked highest among the top app uses:

  • Locating gas stations (69%)
  • Comparing prices (65 %)
  • Paying for purchases (22%)

Reported by Market Force, paying for purchases reflected the greatest increase, climbing from only 1 percent in the previous year’s survey.

“This data demonstrates the role technology plays in the petroleum and convenience store industry and how having an app available may drive a consumer’s choice of brand and location for fueling,” Market Force said.

To read more about the Market Force study, click here.

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