Kwik Chek and the Convenience of the Internet of Things

A trip to the gas station isn’t usually what you’d call an enjoyable experience. It can be unappealing and inefficient – the exact opposite of what you’d expect from a “convenient” store. But Kwik Chek, a convenience store chain with almost 40 locations throughout Texas and Oklahoma, is striving to live up to its name. 

Introducing: PetroZone Mobile Commerce, a location-based and payment-centered mobile app; and PetroZone Retail Fuels Module, a cloud-based point-of-sale system that can integrate with fuel pumps and office financial systems. By partnering with P97 and Microsoft Axure IoT services, Kwik Chek has been able to create these two solutions and bring location-based fuel retail into the mobile age. With almost $700 billion in sales in 2013, the convenience store industry has tremendous opportunity to leverage the digital space and capitalize on efficiencies.

“ is really transforming the whole experience.”

– Kevin Smartt, CEO of Kwik Chek

P97 and the PetroZone suite of solutions will not only allow consumers to use their smartphones to pay for their gas at the pump – streamlining checkout and making it more secure in the process – but it will also provide Kiwk Chek and other retailers with valuable insights into their consumers’ behavior. The PetroZone app provides a convenient way to have a 1-to-1 relationship with the consumer, promoting loyalty. “Having customers’ data really helps us offer them the best possible service, customized to their preferences and needs. It’s really transforming the whole experience,” says Kevin Smartt, CEO of Kwik Chek.

View the whitepaper here.

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