Harnessing the Next Generation of Brand Loyalists

Fuel retailers can drive increased brand loyalty with an app for taking payments, sending offers, and creating unique, personalized experiences. 

It’s the ugly truth among fuel retailers: drivers aren’t loyal and are only looking for the lowest price.

While there may be truth to this statement, it’s not impossible to change. Studies show that upwards of 84% of American adults are loyal to their favorite brands, while 65% of a company’s business comes from its existing customers. That means drivers and c-store shoppers are willing to form loyal relationships with their favorite brands — the just need to be invited.

How to Build Loyalty Among Fuel Customers

When achieved, loyalty comes with numerous benefits, including:

  • High customer retention
  • Cross-sales (increased revenue for less cost)
  • Brand advocacy 

In the retail industry especially, rewards programs can not only influence positive revenue, but loyal brand advocates as well. When customers receive the online and offline experiences they crave, they are more likely to reward you with their loyalty. And because most consumers now have their phone on them at all times, retail fueling apps present the perfect opportunity to digitize loyalty for increased effectiveness. Apps allow you to build increased brand loyalty through:

  • Mobile offers. Every customer interaction is a reflection of your brand. As you send push notifications and mobile offers, customers have more reasons to spend time in your app, see what’s new, or visit in-store—increasing brand loyalty over time. And when rewards information is kept right in the app, they can even see the value of being a loyal customer right before their eyes.
  • Mobile payments. Retail fueling apps put your store on the map and open up new channels for motorists to engage with you. By enabling cloud-based mobile payments, customers can choose to pay in-store, at the pump, or even within close proximity to your station. Meeting customers’ preferences goes a long way, and with ultimate convenience and ease, mobile payment options make their lives easier.
  • Unique and customized experiences. In an industry where loyalty doesn’t come as easily, replicating the unique and customized experiences consumers receive from major retail brands like Amazon and Apple gives them a sense of value and adds personalization to their shopping experience. You can provide these advanced experiences in a number of ways, including:
    • Notifications and messages with dynamic content (customer name, number of rewards points, region, etc.)
    • Featured products in the app based on shopping behavior
    • Providing loyalty discounts and offers based on past purchases
    • Offering a higher level of security in protecting their customer information through a trusted, cloud-based app

Not only do mobile apps allow customers to conveniently store and access their loyalty information, but they provide the opportunity to attract, reward, and retain them by delivering targeted digital offers at every step of the purchase journey. Already, 88% of fuel customers say loyalty rewards for fuel savings would influence their decision to visit a convenience store brand. 

Join —> Use omni-channel strategies to invite new or existing customers to sign-up for loyalty rewards in-store, via email, or in the app.  Collect important customer information like demographics, location, and communication preferences to target future messages. Engage —> Remind members of their existing rewards and/or points balance to drive additional purchases with push or in-app notifications.  Make loyalty members feel special with exclusive rewards and invitations.  Purchase —> Make signing up worth their while by promoting relevant, personalized offers they can actually use. Drive additional brand loyalty by honoring customer communication preferences. 

More Loyal Than Ever

Fuel customers haven’t traditionally been a loyal market. Choosing convenience and price over brand name, they haven’t made strong declarations about their fuel preferences. But up until now, they haven’t had a reason to, either. As c-stores become more specialized in their product offerings and fuel retailers begin to incorporate tech into their marketing and operations, consumers have more reasons than ever to choose one brand over another. Customer-focused fuel retailers are rewarded for catering to customers’ preferences with 12-18% more spend per year from loyalty program members than non-members—and the market opportunity is wide open for fuel brands to take advantage. 

P97 helps you engage your customers at the right time and place with a digital marketing platform for increasing customer loyalty and revenue. With app-based loyalty programs, POS integrations, mobile ordering capabilities, and more, you can drive sales whether customers are at the pump or going about their mobile day. Check out our Mobile Marketing Roadmap or get started by scheduling a demo today. 

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