Company Background

P97 Networks is an innovative, cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) mobile commerce company. We focus on creating solutions for connected devices with an emphasis on identity and security, payment technologies, and digital marketing. P97 is recognized as a thought leader in the convenience retails and fuels marketing industry, we love our product, PetroZone®, and we take hiring very seriously.  We further believe the combination of an experienced team, our passion for technology, and our desire to win will make us successful together.

Job Description: Senior Software Engineer

P97 is looking for passionate and talented Senior Software Engineers with 5+ years of experience specifically focused on building innovative, mission critical, high volume, and easy-to-use mobile applications using .Net platform technology.  In this role you will have an opportunity to make a significant impact on the design and implementation of new mobile and cloud systems applications designed for high volume usage using the latest tools and techniques.

The Senior Software Engineer must be able to design, lead, and produce quality commercial grade software.  The role is responsible for taking product design and requirements information from the Product Design Team and converting the information into a development specification which is suitable for either programming individually or providing to another software engineer for programming with minimal hand-off efforts.  Careful attention to design and requirement detail is essential as this will become the basis for quality assurance and automation testing.

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead a team of up to 5 developers, some of whom may be off-shore
  • Review and understand product requirements
  • Convert product requirements into software development specifications
  • Able to create and embed unit tests into software design
  • Use C#/.Net to develop Azure hosted services to facilitate the mobile payments processing and workflows
  • Work from technical protocol specifications and 3rd party API documentation to develop Azure hosted services
  • Specialize in the development of Azure services and TCP/IP interface integrations to provide the framework for device communications that facilitate P97’s core business
  • Assist the team with testing (unit and integration testing) and debugging (conditional breakpoints, exception trapping)
  • Work as a value-add team member in a fast paced and agile development environment
  • Create software designs and software that are supportive of the P97 PCI and SOC 2 compliance requirements
  • Ability to design and section work for an agile environment
  • Adhere to professional standards and P97’s Employee Handbook

Success Factors

  • Architectural and development experience with Mobile and Cloud environments
  • Familiar with Agile development process, work in Scrum environment
  • Solid English communication skills both verbal and written
  • BS/MS in Computer Science preferred or another STEM related degree
  • 5+ years of .Net programming experience
  • Adhere to the Security, Confidentiality, and Privacy standards of P97
  • Proficiency with several of the following C#, Java, .NET, and SQL Server
  • Desire to Learn -Possess a desire to learn from, and work with, industry experts in the areas of cloud development, integrations, and user interfaces

Minimum Requirements

  • Software Development -Possess 5+ years of experience in software development with a solid focus on C#/.Net and familiar with using the following with C#
    • Generics
    • Reflection
    • GC
    • Threads
    • TPL
    • Extensions
    • Operators
    • Closures
    • LINQ
  • Debugging – Familiar with using one or more of the following
    • Conditional breakpoints to inspect the test environment
    • Exception trapping
    • Variable modification at runtime
    • Stack tracing
  • Design Elements -Knowledge of basic class, component, and system design
  • XML/XSD -Knowledge of Schema Design Concepts, XmlSerializer, DataContract Serializer, Custom Serialization, and XSD Validation
  • XSLT – Knowledge of basic transformations
  • Testing – possess 5+ years of experience testing with one or more of the following:
    • Unit Test
    • Integration Testing
    • Test Vector Verification
    • Test Vector Creation
  • Design Pattern Knowledge -possess 5+ years of experience using design patterns including one or more of the following basic or advanced patterns:
    • Basic Patterns – Adapter, Command, Factory, or Façade
    • Advanced Patterns – Flyweight, Subject/Observer, Pub/Sub, IoC, Data Patterns, or Transactional Patterns)
  • Client/Server Communications– Basic understanding of Client/Server communications including:
    • Request/response
    • Async Messaging
    • Out-of-band communications
  • Data Access Layer -Familiar with using one or more of the following:
    • DocumentDB/Cosmos DB for multi-model database services in a schema-less No SQL database
    • Blob Storage for storing and accessing unstructured data in an Azure cloud
    • Redis Cache for in-memory data structure stores of a database, cache, or message broker

P97 rewards your hard work with a competitive compensation plan and quarterly bonus program, comprehensive benefits plan, stock options, 401k with a match, PTO package, and amazing opportunities for career growth and personal development.  If you want to be the newest member of a vibrant group of technology leaders in a highly innovative and extremely entrepreneurial environment, then apply online today to start building solutions that customers will love to use.

P97’s employees are recognized as a thought leader by peers, customers, and others in the industry with a respected reputation both internally and externally.  Join a company that truly rewards your hard work and values your talented contributions.  For more information about P97, please visit our website